SPANKERS feat. JOHN BIANCALE – Italian (Lyrics Video)
Apr 2012 14


I’m Italian I’m A Stallion / I Got Style Cuz I’m Italian /Hey Maria Hello Tony / Pizza And Cannelloni / I Gotta Zia / Her Name’s Sonia / She Makes The Best Lasagna / Frank Sinatra Al Pacino / Let’s Have A Glass Of Vino / I’m A Fighter I’m A Lover / Don’t Talk Bad ‘Bout My Mother / I’m Italian I’m A Stallion / Don’t Fuck With An Italian! / I’m Italian I’m A Stallion / Trans Ams And Gold Medallions / More Meatballs And Linguini / Take A Ride In My Lamborghini / Trevi Fountain / Colosseum / Fly To Rome n Go n See Em / Jersey Shore n The Sopranos / Tu Vuoi Far L’americano! Ohh Mamma Mia / Italiano La La La La La La / I’m Italian E Va Fangu! Italian ! Italian ! Italian ! Italian ! Italian ! Italian ! Italian ! Italian !

SPANKERS feat. CARLPRIT – Everyone Is A Fucking DJ
Feb 2012 13

When we first listened to it, we were flabbergasted: EVERYONE’S A DJ could be considered the turning point in SPANKERS artistic/music career, the result of research and experimenting that rotates on a common reality (unfortunately)… everybody thinks to be a DJ, everybody wants to be a DJ: but, is this so simple?!?
SPANKERS (Paolo Ortelli and Luca De Gregorio, once again supported by Jonh Biancale’s vocal skills) gave their own point of view on the matter.
A very ironic song, which is also very well constructed and before its release, it has already achieved a good number of international licences (also thanks to the success of their previous singles “Sex On The Beach” and “Chupa Rico”).
Further to the original versions, there is a a brand new Mix by Alex Guesta who gave the song a very ultra-club flavour.

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